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About Patty Godfrey

As a child, Patty always loved the challenge of a puzzle. From Rubics Cube and jigsaw--to logic and reasoning puzzles--she never passed the chance to solve a good puzzle.

Now she's turned that love of solving puzzles into a career of solving puzzles: combining foreign languages and graphic design.

After studying design at Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Patty was hired by a local translation company that also provided typesetting to its clients. When she joined the company only French and Spanish typesetting projects were kept in house. Typesetting for all other languages was outsourced and the higher costs were passed to the clients.

Patty saw her opportunity to solve a puzzle: she learned how to create high quality, lower cost typesetting in-house. Soon she was typesetting Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, and 40 other languages - all at a substantial savings to the company and the client.

Fast forward to today. After 15 years as a freelance graphic designer, Patty has joined Global Reach Languages and found her perfect fit as Project Manager. Many of the projects in her charge have foreign language graphic design components which she is uniquely qualified to create and manage.

She still enjoys solving any puzzle that clients may throw her way!


Corporate member of the American Translators Association Since 2003.
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